Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Gratitude Diaries

Too Hot!

At the end of May, my central air conditioning unit broke. I got a technician to come to my house to check it out. We found that the compressor, the main piece of the unit, had a shortage in the wiring. Basically, I needed a new one, which would cost nearly $1,000, plus, the new part or unit (if I got the outside unit replaced) may not be compatible with the Freon in my unit. To make a long story short, I needed temporary relief from the Georgia heat until I could figure out whether to get a new unit or the one I have fixed. I decided to replace the unit, but I didn’t have the thousands it would take to replace it.  Therefore, I had to do extensive research to figure out what type of air conditioning would temporarily cool down my town home. I live in a subdivision with a home association; therefore, I couldn’t place window units in my windows. Besides that, I couldn’t do it myself, and I was too cheap to pay anyone to do it (I felt I had paid enough just to get the problem diagnosed). So I purchased a portable air conditioner, and for the most part, it keeps the top half of my town home cool now. The top part of the house is not a huge space, and it is not terribly difficult to cool it. The bottom half is already pretty cool. I have good insulation.
I’m going to purchase another portable air conditioner, but for right now, it’s a whole lot cooler in my town home these days! Yes! I have much-needed relief from the Georgia heat and humidity, and that’s something I thank God for! There’s a saying that goes, “You never miss your water until your well runs dry.” Well, I’ve never even thought about my air conditioning unit until it stopped working on a hot day.  

Days 3-6
“I’m grateful for the small things I have taken for granted such as cool air in the summer!”

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