Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's Been a Long Week. . .

Hi guys!

This week has been super busy! When I say super, I mean SUPER! On Monday, my daughter returned to school as a 10th grader! Yay! I spent last weekend (and last week), buying clothes, school supplies, lunches, etc. I attended information day at my daughter's school. Then I kept going back to the store to purchase items on our back-to-school checklist. Whew! It's hard to believe it's all done. Anyhoo, it was a successful week back to school for my little Robyn. My daughter and I both are trying out some trendy, vintage styles (I'll post pics later). And I almost forgot that I promised pictures of the results of my clay wash and deep condition. Here is how my hair looked at the end of one night last week as I was posting a pic on Facebook (I had to show how cute my little Robyn Poo was on her first day back to school).

I finally got a chance to unwind a little today. But  I had to take a few moments to show my blog some love. I want to leave you with these few little nuggets as a little food for thought. Life is full of the chores we all have to do; for instance, back-to-school shopping, hair stuff, buying groceries, cooking, doing the laundry, opening mail, cleaning the house, etc. However, we don't have to dread any of it. We can turn everything we do into a party! Life is what you make it, and for most of us, a chunk of our time is spent doing chores. I've decided to make the most of every moment, even when I'm doing mundane everyday activities. So go ahead and liven up your chores! Put on your favorite song, do a dance, laugh out loud. . .it's okay. Have a good time! You deserve it. 

So what are you doing now? No matter what it is, be sure you are doing it with your own personal spunk. Make every moment count! I gotta run guys. See ya.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ugghh. . .Bad Hair Days!

Hi guys,

I was in a little funk earlier so I decided to do something about my hair! I went to church today,  and my hair was a mess (I pulled it off by wearing a bun). The bad hair day was getting to me so I knew it was time for a wash day. Also, a bad hair day is the perfect time to do some experimenting. First, I followed some of my YouTube friends' advice and did a deep conditioner with mayo, egg, honey, and coconut oil. I put the conditioner in my hair after my clay hair wash.

One of my favorite natural hair/beauty vloggers is Naptural85. I decided to try her winter wash-and-go method. I know right? It's still summer! But I'm preparing for the fall guys! I got all my fall clothes this weekend and everything. I just need another leather biker jacket (it's on the way). And some cool leather boots. Anyhoo, I'll post the results of this conditioning treatment and the wash-and-go method later. See ya!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Wash My Hair with Clay

Hi guys!

I recently washed my coils with bentonite clay! Why hasn't anyone told me about this stuff! It works. As you can see from the photos, it elongated my curls and left them soft and fluffy. Regular shampoos usually leave my hair dry, tangled, and tightly coiled. I'm never going back to regular shampoos again! This year, one of my goals is to transition from store-brought products to more organic products.

For my bentonite clay mixture, I mixed Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, aloe vera juice, Organics Carrot Tea-Tree Oil Therapy, and coconut oil.

Bentonite clay is known as "healing clay" because it can be used to treat ailments such as arthritis, acne, eczema, stomach ulcers, viral infections, and many more.

From my research, I've discovered that the clay is made from volcanic ash, which is known for its detoxifying effects on just about anything it touches (but metal weakens the clay's elements. Do not use metal utensils when mixing). The clay has many uses. For instance, you can also use the clay as a facial mask or take it as a supplement (Be sure to check with your doctor first).

I used the clay as a facial mask and I looked years younger. I noticed it really tightened my skin. Any lines that were there before seemed to vanish. My face looked like a new-born baby's skin. So the clay gets a thumbs up from this natural chica. Before you go out and buy some, do your research first. There are different brands and some are mixed with other minerals. Hope this helps!

For more information about bentonite clay and other clays, I found a Web site that seems to be the most credible on the subject. See below. Gotta run. Have a fabulous hair day!