Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Little Summer Advice for Single Mamas. . .

When your child is away for the summer or part of the summer (even for only a week), do something fun and empowering! Think outside of the box, and be creative. Challenge yourself because you know how we can get stuck into dreadful routines. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve told myself that I will do something special over the summer and never get around to doing it!

So I’ve made plans to hang out with a friend at the park this weekend, and I’m planning to go to a spa (maybe next week). But you know what? Whatever you do as a single mama during the summer break, be sure to have fun and relax. Most importantly, whatever you plan to do, DO IT! You deserve it honey child. That’s just a little food for thought for all the single mamas out there because when school starts, we’re always thinking, “I should have done more with my free time this summer!” But keeping it real . . . it’s always cool just to enjoy your time at home, doing absolutely nothing but sipping on sweet tea (in a wine glass) and some chick flicks. Whatever floats your boat—make it work.  You deserve it girlie.  Or maybe you can save some money and pay a debt or splurge a little. Go exploring around town. Check out a mystery restaurant or cafĂ©. It’s all about doing something that gives you that extra boost and empowerment.

You’ll need the summer memories this fall when your child is in school, and you’re running around doing errands. Get your groove back now! And here is a little challenge: whatever you decide to do, be extra, extra fabulous while you’re doing it. For example, get some new out-of-the-box shoes. A funky new hairdo. Some crazy-colored lipstick. BREAK out of that “mama” mode. I know it’s hard for us to take a break from work, school preparation, cooking, cleaning, and planning to get out, and actually enjoy ourselves and our time alone, but we need to make that commitment to ourselves. If we don’t, who is going to do it for us? That’s right, so get moving. Much love.

From one single mother to another,

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