Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Summer Dos Needed!!!

Hi guys,

I've been following Naptural85 for quite some time so it's no mystery that when I came home from the park yesterday, I quickly went to one of her summer hairstyles. My hair needed some TLC! It  was a dry, tangled mess! I tried Naptural's method but I altered it a little. For example, I used the Hollywood Beauty Carrot Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Creme, and Aunt Jackie's Curl La La. Today, I'm wearing my hair in twists but I didn't stretch them the way Nap did in her video. I probably will later. However, although my hair is curly and thick, I don't need to stretch often. Well, we shall see what the results shall be. I'll have pics. Anyhoo, if anyone out there has any other really cool summer hairstyles for napturals like me. Please let me know. I'll holla. . . and  I'll post more summer dos as I find them.  See ya.


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