Sunday, June 9, 2013


OMG! It's been super long since I've updated my blog! And I love this blog! Anyhoo, just a little update.

Hair updates. . .

I'm still keeping the same hair regimen. I wash my hair with my bentonite clay wash now and nothing else. I do co-washes with my carrot cholesterol conditioner. As you can see, I do twist-outs often. For work, I take the twist out and wear my hair curly. I've been doing this often during these hot summer months. But my hair is soaking up all the moisture from the rain today. Yay!

Life updates. . .

I recently got into and out of a relationship that taxed my time and emotions. Huge detour. Ladies, once you discover a relationship with a man won't work, please cut it off with the quickness! Time is money. And your emotional wholeness is worth saving. Okay, I got a little distracted but I'm learning to spread my energy around. And I'm learning to stay focused.

Revelation. . .

When you get into a relationship and you've been single for a while, you have to learn how to make adjustments. You can try to spend every waking moment with a person. . . NOT at all a wise thing to do. You have to keep it moving. It's been a challenge for me to focus on my goals and a relationship at the same time. I'm super busy, but now, I'm discovering the art of relaxing and taking time to enjoy my life and the healthy relationships I have. I also want to find time to complete everything I've started. It's tough but it's a journey. It's my journey toward wholeness. Everyday God gives me more and more revelation on how to enjoy my life. He assures me that I'm not making mistakes, but detours. All that's needed is an adjustment. I'm in shift mode.


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