Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wisdom Nuggets from Granddaddy

My daughter and I spent some time with my granddad on Sunday. He has influenced our lives in so many awesome ways! He was a pastor for decades before retiring a few years ago. He and my grandma raised me from the time I was six months old. He constantly gives me an earful of the most interesting stories I’ve ever heard, especially about how he built his house from scratch, his relationship with the Lord, his adventures being raised on a farm, and how he fed and raised nine children (seven girls) while trying to fulfill the call of God on his life! Whew! My head’s spinning just thinking of all of it. But with him, I experience a quality I don’t see in men today. Just saying. . . For instance, he truly has a relationship with God, and grows from it. He really does pray and read his Bible. He still ministers to others through prayers and pamphlets with nuggets of spiritual revelations. He's going on 90, and he’s writing almost every day!  While I was listening to him at his Father’s Day dinner on Sunday, he said something that struck me. It was a simple statement that just stayed with me this week. He basically said no one can make you complete as a person. No one can "get you together."  They can help you, but ultimately you have to make the decision, and do the bulk of the work of "getting it together." And most importantly, you have to want it. You have to decide to change your life for the better. Other people can only add to that process. They cannot make you, and you shouldn't want them to. You shouldn't need anyone to make you happy or make you whole or make you feel good about yourself. Whatever you need in life, it should pour from within you. It will pour from the place where you are truly intimate with God, and you’ll receive revelation from Him that pushes you further into your development as a person. Then, the neat things is, you’ll be able to pour into others. I thought about my brief conversation with my granddaddy, and it seems that it is so easy to allow certain truths to slip from time to time. Especially these days when so much is vying for my attention. Thanks granddaddy for reminding me of the important truths of life. You always help me get back on course . . . on the road to wholeness. Love ya much! 


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