Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lessons on Self Love

I remember when I visited a women’s domestic violence support group. I was single at the time, and I wasn’t in any domestic violence situation. However, I knew the facilitator because she had shared a lot of information with me about abusive relationships. She was really passionate about the subject. She has helped many women understand their value after they had endured many years of abuse. She told me that she knew it was her calling to do so. When we met, I had been in many abusive relationships myself. She helped me to gather information on the subject, and counseled me concerning a recent break-up I had gone through. She had been counseling abused women for decades. 

I visited the women’s group on a really cold, rainy Monday night near the holidays. I remember walking in slowly, not knowing what to expect. The house was warm and cozy. The facilitator brought out chocolates and other refreshments and proceeded to introduce me to the group. 

As we became more comfortable with each other, the ladies started to share. And I shared my story, surprisingly. Afterward, the facilitator brought out free gifts—free beauty products! We all had just visited such a dark place in our lives, but at the mention of beauty products, our spirits were ignited. We were giddy like little girls again, as we tried on lipstick, lotions, and perfume. Although I felt like a five-year-old, playing in her mother’s make-up, I was learning a profound lesson. It doesn’t take much to lift a dreadful mood. I couldn’t help but to laugh as the ladies came alive! All memories of their troubled past vanished right before my eyes, if only for a few glamorous moments. It lifted my spirit to see the great shift from feelings of sadness and regret to excitement and fun.

From that experience, I learned it’s important for us to feel good about ourselves.  Even if the feeling initially comes from a little dab of perfume or a little rouge on the lips, it’s all the same—self love and appreciation are important for those who are broken inside.

The other day, I thought about the ladies, and once again, I was inspired by the event. I decided to give myself a little boost by trying this electric blue eye liner. It wasn’t much, but it was a small step. It was a step toward a foundation I was already building in my life—I can set my perspective. I can change the course of my life no matter what is going on. Just a little food for thought . . . it’s always okay to show yourself some love. Next month is Domestic Violence Awareness month. I am planning to post some self love/self worth quotes in honor of the month.

Much love,

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