Friday, December 20, 2013

Musings About Yogurt Conditioners and Such. . .

Over the cold, rainy weekend, I busied myself with the fascination of natural products exclusively—no parabens allowed! I decided to try a deep conditioning treatment using yogurt, olive oil, and honey. Later, I whipped up some yogurt and lemon for a facial mask. The conditioner left my hair feeling quite soft and moisturized. The curls are a bit tighter and fluffier. I have slightly more bounce and a bit more shine, but that’s about it. I did notice a huge difference after applying the yogurt mask to my face . . . however. The mask gave my skin a youthful appearance. It also washed away the dryness and dullness I’ve tried unsuccessfully to hide with make-up. Also, my blemishes appeared less noticeable after the yogurt mask. In a nutshell, I’m pleased with yogurt facial, but I’m not so sure about the yogurt conditioner. I’ll probably try both again on another date just to be sure I had the portions right and so forth. Anyhoo, here are the results.

I got the idea to do the mixture from a YouTube vlogger I follow. Her name is Laila and her channel is called FusionofCultures so check her out when you get a chance.

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