Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here's a little something I am discovering about my natural hair during the summer months. It gets super dry (I have 4a hair). By the end of the day, it needs so much moisture. Last week, my bantu knot out was moisturized and full. This week my hair is dry, and my curls are tighter and less cooperative. I washed and deep conditioned on Saturday. For some reason, I haven't been able to achieve this moisturized affect this week. But you know what? Last week, I didn't wash my hair with shampoo. I used a conditioner (Pantene for Relaxed and Natural hair). I work out a lot so I have to either wash or co-wash (conditioner wash) during the week. I'm doing some experimenting to combat this summer dryness. I am going to try an organic wash. If anyone has tried the organic washes let me know. I'm also going to try a homemade deep conditioner (mayo, egg, olive oil, and honey). I think organic shampoos and conditioners will work best for my hair type. I'll post the results.

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