Saturday, June 23, 2012


Here is a quick, easy, and healthy meal I served up today. My daughter agreed that it was quite tasty! I am trying to stay away from complex carbs, processed and fast foods. This dish was so easy to cook because I didn't have to stand over the stove to watch it.

Below are the items you will need:

Perdue fresh boneless chicken breast Italian style

Goya seasoning (ham flavor)

A bag of matchstick carrots

A bag of frozen bell peppers, onions, and celery mix (10 oz, From Publix)

A bag of frozen broccoli (10 oz, From Publix)

Basil, canola oil, Zatarain's Creole seasoning

Non-stick skillet

Cooking instructions:

Place chicken in the skillet. Pile on all the veggies.Top it all off with two packs of Goya seasoning, a pinch of Zatarain's Creole seasoning, dried basil, and black pepper. Allow to cook on medium heat. If the chicken starts to cook too fast, turn the heat down just a bit. Cook for one hour. Once the chicken is tender, begin to pull the the pieces apart. Stir the veggies and chicken together. Then allow to cook or simmer for another 30 minutes. Make sure the chicken is cooked thoroughly. Serve and enjoy!

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