Monday, January 26, 2015

On Being Authentically, Uniquely You

Text Conversation I just had with my baby girl (she’s 18 ya’ll)

Me: (A lady) we both know asked about you today. She said you have a beautiful spirit. I was thinking, “Yeah, I used to be like that before I started getting hurt by so many fakes.” But I said, “Yeah? She is—she’s like that most of the time too. I’ll tell her you asked about her.”
My daughter: "Awwwwww! Thank you." Tell her I said, “Thank you!”

Me: I will.

My daughter: You’re still sweet. And people have hurt me too unfortunately (Sad face). The world doesn’t know how to treat kind spirits like you and me (another sad face). 

Me: Yep. That sucks! I heard Rick Warren say God never wastes a hurt. Instead of turning evil; you can overpower evil with good. Awwww! Thanks. I’m still sweet? Oh. I forgot to tell you that I saw another lady in passing the other day. You remember; she was our neighbor. She said the same thing—that you have a really sweet spirit. Sure did.

My daughter: Awwwww! (multiple smiley faces)

Me: Jesus’ own people hurt  and rejected Him. He has a sweet spirit also (whole heart).

My daughter: Yea, that’s true. Awwwww (multiple hearts) (multiple smiley faces). I don’t talk to people at my school . . . I stay to myself like (images of a person, books) Lol. At least you socialize with people. 

Me: I try. . .trying to be led by the Holy Spirit I guess. You can’t talk to everyone, and everyone is not your friend. Let God lead you. But yeah . . .don’t let life and ignorant, dumb, stupid people make you bitter. Rise above it and be unique in Christ. Guard your heart.  Misery loves company.

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